Monday, April 13, 2009

Passenger Saves Plane After Pilot Dies

The plane was travelling from Florida to Mississippi when the pilot died in mid-air. From what is still not known, but that doesn't mean that the plane went down. Luckily a passenger, who has had some flying experience, although with smaller and single engine planes, took over for the deceased pilot, and with the help and advice of traffic controllers, landed the larger, twin engine Super King Air. The passenger, Doug White, was with his family when this happened. They were the only people on board. He told them to "pray very hard", obviously because you never know whats gonna happen when something like this happens. But despite the horrific situation, in which most people would begin to lose their mind, Doug stays quiet calm, only starting to feel doubtful when he was about to land the plane. But, that doubtfulness proved to be nothing big, since the plane landed successfully and nobody, other than the already deceased pilot, was hurt. This truly was an "Easter miracle".

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