Tuesday, October 13, 2009



test post

click here to go to the link. I hope that these colours match max's expectations for proper colour.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


first week of bcit finally over... despite already being a bit behind :(

... bcit servers wont allow downloads so no pictures..

Monday, April 13, 2009

Passenger Saves Plane After Pilot Dies

The plane was travelling from Florida to Mississippi when the pilot died in mid-air. From what is still not known, but that doesn't mean that the plane went down. Luckily a passenger, who has had some flying experience, although with smaller and single engine planes, took over for the deceased pilot, and with the help and advice of traffic controllers, landed the larger, twin engine Super King Air. The passenger, Doug White, was with his family when this happened. They were the only people on board. He told them to "pray very hard", obviously because you never know whats gonna happen when something like this happens. But despite the horrific situation, in which most people would begin to lose their mind, Doug stays quiet calm, only starting to feel doubtful when he was about to land the plane. But, that doubtfulness proved to be nothing big, since the plane landed successfully and nobody, other than the already deceased pilot, was hurt. This truly was an "Easter miracle".

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Msn Messenger and WebMessenger

I dont know if anyone out there has had this problem as well, but lately I found that i could not log into my msn messenger on my computer. It works on others, just not mine. What happened at first is that it said "your account is unavailable. please try again later". When i logged onto msn on my brothers account it worked fine. Then i went back to my computer and it would be able to log in again. But now its almost a different story. I try to log on, this time the error message i get is "Your contact list is not available at this time. please try again later." I go onto my brother's computer i try logging in, it works. I go back to my computer and try to log in, just as i did originally, and it doesnt now its the same error message. It had already gotten to the point where i was already pretty annoyed and it didnt really matter much. But now i found a solution. that is Webmessenger. It is the same as msn, except completely online. You dont have to download anything, like you do with msn messenger or windows live messenger, just sign in. another internet window pops up and voila, theres your old msn again. By "old" i really mean it. The format of it is just like it was half a decade ago, when it looked pretty primitive. But, oh well... it doesnt matter how it looks, as long as i get msn back its alright. Oh yea, theres a little lag time between your messengers when you press enter. you have to wait a second, so typing got a little slower for all those who like to write, the click enter, write, enter, write, and enter. But its definitely a good temporary solution for anyone with msn problems.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour

Its Earth Hour right now! Earth Hour starts at 8:30 pm pacific times and lasts for one hour. During this hour, people turn off the light in their houses, apartments, condo's, etc. It is a symbol that at least some people in society care about saving electricity and about going green, although to what extent could be another matter. Anyways, be green-smart and join in with millions of people around the world (those on the other side of the world would have already done this yesterday because of different time zones) in a simple effort to show the greener side of everyone!

Yale Student Sues for Lost Xbox

Jesse Maiman, 21, has sued US Airways $1 million for a lost Xbox. It is stated that the Xbox has a "specialized" hard drive of some sort, although to what extent is not known. If the airline does not want to take up the court case, Jesse Maiman demands that they pay $1700 for the system, and the maximum damages allowable. A spokeswoman for the airline said that government limits liability for lost luggage to $3,300 per bag. The Xbox was lost during his flight from Conneticut to Cincinatti, back in December. In my opinion, anything of value should not be put into luggages onto airplanes, especially if one is travelling to or from the US, unless it is small enough to be carried on your person, or put into a carry-on travelling bag. Too often does belongings keep getting messed up or gone missing since security is so tight in the US that almost everything must be checked extremely thoroughly.